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Grooming students right from the initial years of Primary Level to observe, obey, obtain and assimilate knowledge is done through systematic and scientifically planned training programmes. Students are encouraged to take an active part in several interactive learning activities, which are adapted to both their interests and their cognitive stage of development. 

These well-defined inquiry based activities, help students progress in developing knowledge, skills, competences, and creativity to excel in their life. Thus, the variety of differentiated activities followed at Laurel High, makes it possible for students to remain stimulated and motivated to take on the systematic education at Middle School level confidently.

It's about object, objective And perspective

Laurel High will focus and encourage students to develop their creative skills and enrich their school life by actively involving in co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The school has clubs and societies, where students participate in activities like Music, Dance, Arts and Crafts, Pottery, Story telling and a variety of literary activities.

To inculcate healthy competitive spirit, students are divided into houses. The school has a spacious multi-purpose auditorium with modern audio-visual equipment for impactful presentations and events. It will also be a venue for several indoor sports and games planned for students.

Roll on for a well-rounded development