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Laurel High is blessed with a committed team of teachers, who have considerable exposure in teaching international programmes.
The teaching with only 25 students in the classroom allows teachers to:

  • Keep Learning child-focused
  • Vary teaching approaches and working practices
  • Create a stimulating environment, promoting early learning keeping motivation alive, and encouraging enquiring minds.
  • Emphasis on communication, free expression and the use of appropriate materials.
  • Promote active participation, and positive attitudes in a fun learning environment.
  • Base schools interdisciplinary programme on group discussion and exploration of ideas and personal values.
  • Encourage inter-curricular cooperation and active learning through whole-school projects and subject themes.
  • Ensure that basic concepts are soundly established and then consolidated.
  • Encourage pupils to evolve at their own pace through differentiated tasks and targets.
Laurel High will focus and encourages its students to develop their creative skills and enrich their school life by actively involving in co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The school will have clubs where students will participate in activities like Music, Dance, Arts and Crafts, Pottery, Storytelling and a variety of literary activities. To inculcate healthy competitive spirit, students are divided into houses.

The school has a spacious multi-purpose auditorium with modern audio-visual equipment for impactful presentations and events. It will also be the venue for several indoor sports and games planned for students.

Transformation sets in right from the moment the child walks Into the premises of Laurel High Global School. The change is gradual, graded and guided. The end result is that child transforms into a young individual full of enthusiasm, confidence and knowledge to face global challenges confidently. It is not about quantifying the knowledge imbibed that makes the school learning unique; it is the quality and the precise use of knowledge in day-to-day living that makes laurel high exceptional.

Nurturing critical skills for a successful future.

While the ability to distinguish in a given scenario is a vital trait,  the more important aspect is decision- making, which should be based on a reason. A mix of exercises and activities help cultivate this aspect of thinking.

Creativity is an off shoot of one’s personality to look at things from a completely unexpected perspective. Children belong to activities involving, imagining, brain storming and coming up with unique solutions to a context.

A good person-to-person interaction needs a foundation of a free and easy inter-personal relationship. The child be exposed to various ways to be expressive and confident. And here, we set the foundation to build an impactful intrapersonal communication system.

Physical Fitness:
To have a fit body is to be on a clear road to a fit mind. A physically fit body motivates thinking, provokes action and enables performance. Taking  that forward, every child here is encouraged to take to a sport of one's interest.

An essential part of every child's growing us is the ability to share, care and empathize with fellow children. As much as it is important for a child's character, it helps to build a bridge between members of the society as children grow up into adults.

There are scientific ways to understand a student's capability to discern and assimilate what's being taught. Based on that, teachers identify the core subject areas and the subjects, in which a child requires emphasis.

Analytical Skills:
Assessing and arriving at inferences is what form the crux of analytical skills. What sharpens this part of one's personality, is exposure to exercises and activities that provoke diverse thinking of the mind.

Leadership is a quality that's a combination of several behavioural aspects. Be it aspects like vision, focus, determination or tolerance, children are part of exercises that nurture each of these critical leadership-shaping aspects.

Adhering to a behavior and attitude in at various milestones in life, forms one's principles. When a child is trained to be principled, it forms the frame work with in which he or she governs himself or herself, whatever the environment.

Technology Skills:
Technology is an indispensable part of every individual's life. Being tech-savvy should come as a routine to every child. In here, the ICT lab ensures every child is part of the technology era, as it takes centre stage.

Turning students to be lifelong learners.

Learning pedagogy at Laurel High is effective in grooming global minded individuals, who can contribute positively to the society with their meaningful actions.